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I own a small business that I love and recently got married.  My husband and i work together and try to push our business forward but it's really hard to make enough money to pay for the bills in the business plus employee wages and taxes. I'm responsible for all of it and find myself short of money all of the time.  I contemplated web cam modeling but decided not to because I felt it was wrong to do that because I was married.  I didn't feel like I was cheating but then realized that it totally was.  I just didn't know what to do.  
I recently started a new program and I have made $1500 so I'm happy.  I just started and I can't believe what a difference its made in my life.  Had anyone tried anything like this?  What you do is sign up for $25 a month in order to blog and share your life experience.  if you want to see  my blog you can check it out .  I just started though so I only have one post, but it's worth reading!

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Posted on 08:48AM on Jan 26th, 2013
all you need is a few loser paypigs,belittle them and own them and demand money,i work 3 jobs 7 days a week to pay my online mistresses cell phone,car payment,car insurance,if i get overtime i send her gift cards for her and boyfriend to go out to dinner,losers are here for your use and disposal
Posted on 08:50AM on Jan 26th, 2013
if i lived by you i would work for free in your business and be a workaholic getting all your commands done swiftly
Posted on 02:21PM on Jan 26th, 2013
not looking for a sugar daddy just wanted to share my story
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